Arbeitsgruppe für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Groupe de Développement de Projets Aérospatiaux
Aerospace Project Development Group

Centre of Competence in Aerospace Projects Development

The interdisciplinary nature of ALR enables to undertake aerospace projects with a variety of specific know-how and capabilities

Main Activities

  • Aerospace Concept Development
  • Aerospace Project and Programs Analysis, support in FSD
  • Conduct of inter-disciplinary projects
  • Support of European aerospace activities (ASD in Brussels, CEAS)
  • Specific non-restricted projects today


Dr. sc. techn. dipl. Ing. ETH Georges Bridel
Gotthardstrasse 52
8002 Zürich
Phone: +41 (0)79 405 76 45

Orleansstr. 5a
D-81669 München
Phone: +49 171 791 59 60




The origins of ALR are in conceptual design of aircraft- and aerospace-related products such as light weight fighters, trainer aircraft and -systems. Gradually, the scope has been extended to aerospace project assessment and management, marketing and sales support. Finally, specific aerospace engineering services are offered. See reference projects. ALR's characteristics are the multi-disciplinary approach.

Concept Development

Initiation of a concept development by conducting in-depth market and requirements analyses, feasibility studies, detailed conceptual design and development.

Aerospace Project and Programs Analysis, support in FSD

Installation of a Full Scale Development with definition phase, support prototype development and flight testing. Specific engineering and management tasks. Analysis of aircraft development programs (lead of integrated teams)

Support of European Aerospace Activities

Participation in European aerospace activities (support of ASD seminars and strategic projects, membership activities in the SAIG Swiss Aerospace Industry Group, membership activities in the CEAS Council of European Aerospace Societies)

Today's specific non-restricted projects:

  • Flight Data Registration: recording of aircraft data (ie. GPS, engine data, fuel management, voice etc.) and real time transmitting over the globe to any point in the world (ACARS, AFIRS) Contact:
    Peter Bernhardsgrütter,
  • Marketing & Sales support in specific country
  • Basic trainer a/c proposal
  • Multiple-lift transport concept
  • Engineering and systems integration / modification (i.e. cabin and galley layout support, In-Flight Entertainment IFE evaluation & assessment)

Selected Publications and Presentations