Arbeitsgruppe für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Groupe de Développement de Projets Aérospatiaux
Aerospace Project Development Group


Members and representatives of ALR have published a number of articles, books or presentations at various events or conferences focusing on astronautics, aeronautics, research and related topics. This page lists some works that have been published in the past.

Books and Publications

  • Gérard Capitaine, Fluid dynamic aspects of protostellar disks formation, The Astrophysical Journal 877 (2019), no. 2, 126.
  • David Hamilton, TIME FLIES - Reflections of a Fighter Pilot, Fonthill Media LLC, ISBN 978-1-78155-584-2, 2017;
    • Review by Georges Bridel (President of ALR, Sept. 2017): "David Hamilton, since long time, is one of our best friends, and since 2011 member of ALR, the Swiss Aerospace Project Development Group. He continuously supports ALR in the various fields of military aeronautics. For myself, I had the pleasure to work with David many years with Eurofighter GmbH and in EADS Military Aircraft in Munich, where we were employed: a great experience. Many of the stories in the book were told to me before. Having read much about the Royal Air Force history, the book reflects the great tradition of British armed forces."
    • Review by Chris Stone (Davids first Squadron Commander): "In full disclosure, I must admit that David Hamilton was a first tourist on my squadron. So, I can truly state from firsthand knowledge that this is a story of a fighter pilot with clearly defined leadership abilities and a dedication to getting the best for, and out of, his men. For those unfamiliar with fast-jet flying operations, or the daily life and activities of Royal Air Force fighter pilots during the Cold War, this well written book will be completely illuminating. David’s words flow easily as he takes us on his journey from basic flight training to the culminating challenges of gaining combat readiness in a complex supersonic fighter aircraft, and on through a thoroughly enriching air force career. Be sure to have plenty of time when you first start reading 'Time Flies', for you will be hard pressed to put the book down until finished."
  • Schweizer Pioniere der Wirtschaft und Technik, Bd. 84: 5 Pioniere des Flugzeugbaus, (Schneider, Haefeli, Fierz, Studer, Branger), 2008, ISBN 978-909059-38-6
  • Georges Bridel, Schweizerische Strahlflugzeuge und Strahltriebwerke, Verlag Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern, 1975, ISBN 3-85954-902-2
  • Schweizer Pioniere der Wirtschaft und Technik, Bd 67: Schweizer Wegbereiter des Luftverkehrs (Real, Isler, Amstutz, Berchtold, Ackeret), 1998 ISBN 3-909059-15-5

Publications by CoC Aerospace Projects Development

Publications by CoC Defence


  • Georges Bridel, Revolutions, Breakthroughs and Disruptions - Some considerations about slogans in today's aeronautics, Speech held at ICAS Program Committee Meeting, Winterthur (CH), 13th September 2017, Link
  • P. Juretzko, M. Immer and J. Wildi, Performance Analysis of a Hybrid-Electric Retrofit of a RUAG Dornier Do-228NG,  Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress (DLRK), Munich, 5-7 September 2017, Link
  • M. Immer and P. Juretzko, Advanced Aircraft Performance Analyses, CEAS Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design (SCAD), Warsaw University of Technology, 12-14 September 2016, Link
  • Georges Bridel, From Basel to St. Petersburg - Aeronautical and Scientific Milestones: Daniel Bernoulli and Leonhard Euler a Russian-Swiss Heritage, ICAS Congress 2014, Link
  • Georges Bridel, La Suisse et I'Industrie Aéronautique, Histoire et Actualités, Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace, Presentation, Munich 2010
  • Georges Bridel, 100 Jahre Motorflug: Pioniere der Schweizer Luftfahrt - Wissenschaftler, Techniker, Erforscher, Unternehmer, Vortrag im Verkehrshaus der Schweiz und bei der Schweizerische Vereinigung für Flugwissenschaften SVFW, 2003
  • Georges Bridel, 10 Jahre Schweizerische Strahlflugzeuge und Strahltriebwerke 1948 - 1958 oder "Die verpassten Gelegenheiten", Präsentation 2001, Link