Arbeitsgruppe für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Groupe de Développement de Projets Aérospatiaux
Aerospace Project Development Group

Centre of Competence in Computational Aerodynamics

Applied computational fluid dynamics and advanced simulation&optimization methods.

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Main Activities

  • Airframe modelisation
  • Develop coupling between APP and Computational assessments
  • ICAO standards and regulations
  • EC project setups and integration
  • Technical support
  • Collaboration with Russia


Dr. Pénélope Leyland
Phone: +41 (0) 79 506 76 45


Aerodynamic Design Cycles pass through the steps of "Drawing Board" Design and Optimisation. The first step is nowadays replaced by CAD systems such as CATIA, with simplified and analytical simulations backed up with similar forms flight data. To achieve high design level, these procedures are repeated with integrated optimisation tools, and wind-tunnel testing together with complex full computational means on specific critical points for both the structural layout, the materials response and the aerodynamic performance.

Our specialists can assist you with your aerodynamical design concept simulation requirements and link to performance analyses with APP. Our teams have also longstanding experience with European aeronautical Project setups and can assist in assessment studies.