Arbeitsgruppe für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Groupe de Développement de Projets Aérospatiaux
Aerospace Project Development Group

EUROTRAINER FFA-2000 Trainer Aircraft

The FFA-2000 EUROTRAINER grading trainer aircraft project was initiated in 1985 under contract to the Swiss company FFA in Altenrhein. ALR was instrumental in the FFA-2000 development from the first marketing and feasibility studies and right through the definition phase in 1987 and initial prototype design.
At the end of the definition phase, SWISSAIR placed an order for eight aircraft off the drawing boards and took options for another four.


The EUROTRAINER was designed to meet the most stringent requirements demanded for the selection and ab-initio training of both airline and military pilots. A highlevel of cost-effectiveness will be achieved with this concept, in addition to low noise and pollution levels.


The airframe is designed entirely of composite materials to ensure excellent aerodynamic qualities as well as minimum manufacturing man-hours.


One prototype was built. The design was exactly adopted by a foreign country and lives on in German training aircraft.


Windtunnel tests of a model of the FFA-2000 Eurotrainer in the large subsonic windtunnel of RUAG Aerospace, Switzerland.