Arbeitsgruppe für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Groupe de Développement de Projets Aérospatiaux
Aerospace Project Development Group

History of Swiss Jet Fighters and Jet Engines

ALR is involved in the historical research of revolutionary Swiss developments after the Second World War. Of particular interest are the fighter bombers N-20 from the Swiss Federal Aircraft Factory F+W in Emmen (today RUAG Aerospace) and P-16 from the former FFA Flugzeugwerke Altenrhein AG in Altenrhein/St.Gallen. The famous Lear Jet was initiated from the same P-16 team. This design team concluded the definition phase and initial prototype developement successfully.

10 Jahre Schweizerische Strahlflugzeuge und Strahltriebwerke 1948 - 1958 oder "Die verpassten Gelegenheiten" 2001, Auszug Präsentation (PDF)


FFA P-16


F+W N-20