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SILAIR, Silent Airport EU FP 6 Proposal

SILAIR, Silent Airport EU FP 6 Proposal (European Union Framework Programme FP 6)

Proposed by ALR and partners as STREP (Specific Targeted Research Programme)

Silent Airport - Efficiency and practice of Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP's) on airport scale.

Strategic objectives addressed to establish practical methods to quantify noise in take-off and landing and to derive immediately applicable as well as future flight procedures.

Environmental impact of airports close to populated areas is one of the most crucial problems of today's airline industry. SILAIR aims to offer practical solutions to this problem and is addressing the research topic "External Noise" within the 6th EU Framework Program.

The goal of SILAIR is to investigate the effects of Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP) under real airport conditions and to quantify their noise mitigation potential. The airports of Zurich and Innsbruck exhibiting special conditions with regards to terrain (hills, mountains) have been selected. This ensures a generalised solution where flat terrains appear as a special case. SILAIR will make use of the experience and database from programs such as SOURDINE, IMAGINE LanAb/LFVK and other sources. The new information gained from SILAIR will present quantitative results for a realistic and complex airport environment.

The work program will consist of theoretically developed NAP models and procedures to be verified in simulators and combined with advanced noise analysis tools. The results shall then be calibrated in real flight operations by making use of most accurate airport noise measuring and analysis systems available today and in use for the Zurich airport. Three different levels of NAP's shall be considered: current, advanced and future with different degrees of operational and possible technical changes to aircraft. The final step consists of establishing take-off and approach maps displaying the full potential of noise reduction.

SILAIR has been established by an international and interdisciplinary consortium from Austria, Germany and Switzerland and consists of partners highly experienced in flight operations, flight system techniques, acoustic measurement as well as modelling. SILAIR benefits from a combination of practical experience and scientific know how. This will enable the EU and its member states to take effective measures within the framework "Aeronautics and Space" for the sustainable development of air traffic and reduction of noise.

The SILAIR Project was proposed by ALR who also managed submitting the proposal.

SILAIR, Silent Airport EU FP 6 Proposal